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Need 10M, 100M or 1000M (Gig E) High Speed Internet Service – Stop getting Carrier biased opinions, Edge Telecom will find the best solution for you! We are experiencing a huge shift in the market and as more businesses go to a “cloud – hosted” environment, robust and cost effective networks become mission critical. We have multiple options available and have special carrier relationships that can in many cases deliver high speed 10/100M fiber services to your location.

Edge Telecom specialize in those hard to get areas and have some unique solutions. Let our established carrier relationships and experience work for you.
Multiple Locations/Fast Speeds

Do you have multiple locations across Canada? If you have multiple sites, you know the importance of sharing data quickly between them. We can also find cost effective high speed ADSL/Cable internet service solutions at a very low price for a single location or a multi-location sites across Canada. Satellite, Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless are also technologies that Edge Telecom can deliver where available.

Business Internet Solutions: Speeds available (Upload/Download)
ADSL – Nationwide Coverage 15 Mbps
Cable Internet 50Mbps, 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps
Bonded ADSL 42Mbps Download/7Mbps Upload
T1 and Bonded up to 12Mbps! 12Mbps Download/Upload
DS3 45Mbps Download/Upload
Fiber 10M, 100M, GIG-E
Satellite Up to 20M

How It Works

As a nationwide telecom broker, Edge Telecom provides a no cost – no obligation review of High Speed internet services choices which exceeds the requirements of our clients. In order for us to help our clients make the best local phone service, business long distance, IP Phone System decisions possible, we follow a very structured process to ensure success. We begin by understanding your High Speed Internet service needs, along with existing and future applications your organization may be planning to implement. Next we review your current local phone service, business long distance, and internet invoices and discuss your high speed internet service drivers. Based on this thorough understanding,

Edge Telecom uncovers opportunities for new technology and cost savings with a new high speed internet service carrier. We next present high speed internet service alternatives and together make an educated decision on which high speed internet service choice is the best fit. We work together with the high speed internet service carrier and our on-site staff to install the high speed internet service and provide continuous on-going support to our clients.

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