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What is MPLS?

MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. MPLS is a highly-scalable protocol agnostic, data-carrying mechanism. Within the internet protocol suite, MPLS and the MPLS Network is at the Link Layer. MPLS is utilized in high-performing networks to direct and carry data from one MPLS network node to the next. MPLS makes it easy to create "virtual links" between distant nodes. It can encapsulate packets of network protocols within the MPLS network.

How can it help my business?

MPLS is the next generation in virtual networks and high speed internet connections. MPLS Networks offers such a high Quality of Service, that you can transmit your local phone service, business long distance, internet, video, and data communication over the same pipe, and rest assured that your most important transmissions get priority. Each of these high speed internet connections data gets marked and addressed by the edge router and then efficiently transmitted through the MPLS Network to the right application.

Moreover, MPLS Network technology leverages the high speed internet connections investment which telecommunication carriers have put into developing strong data and internet access networks, while still keeping the data on a secure and private network. MPLS offers businesses with 2 or more locations a very cost effective way to interconnect all of their locations and enable IP Phone System station-to-station dialing and desktop and conference room video, as well as highly-secure high speed internet connections data transmission.

How It Works

As a nationwide telecom consultant, Edge Telecom provides a no cost – no obligation review of High Speed internet connections or MPLS choices which exceeds the requirements of our clients. In order for us to help our clients make the best local phone service, business long distance, IP Phone System decisions possible, we follow a very structured process to ensure success. We begin by understanding your MPLS Network needs. Next we review your current local phone service, business long distance, internet invoices and discuss your MPLS service drivers. Based on this thorough understanding, Edge Telecom uncovers opportunities for new technology and cost savings with a MPLS network provider. We next present MPLS network alternatives and together make an educated decision on which high speed internet connections or MPLS network choice is the best fit. We work together with the MPLS network carrier and our on-site staff to install the MPLS network service and provide continuous on-going support to our clients.

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