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Telecommunications Management Services and Control: A Definition

Telecommunications Management and Control involves the actions required to ensure that an organization realizes the maximum benefit from its telecommunications assets and services. To achieve this maximum Return on Investment (ROI) in Telecom, the physical assets and services must be defined and a baseline inventory of current capacities (wire-line, wireless and data) and expenses must be constructed. The voice and data network has to be examined for services and capacities that are no longer utilized or which are superfluous to current and future requirements. After this optimization, the baseline for future services and capacity migrations, technology enhancements or cost savings is defined and can be used to measure the achievement of both savings and enhancements as well as to manage costs and service.

Telecommunications Management and Control: Goals and Objectives

The goal of Telecommunications Management and Control is to maximize the Return on Investment in voice and data services and capacities to enable the organization to maximize voice and data communications capacity, capability and service at the minimum necessary cost.

The objectives of Telecommunications Management and Control are to:

  • Define a comprehensive baseline of all telecommunications (voice wire-line and wireless as well as data) services and capabilities within the organization via the analysis of provider invoices (and on-line portals as available), organizational inventories and records, contracts and other available information.
  • Define all extraneous and non-utilized services and capabilities and note them for savings.
  • Note all discrepancies between contracts, invoices and inventories.
  • Conduct an evaluation of alternative services and capabilities that meet the organizational requirements for current and future voice and data communications requirements
  • Define cost savings opportunities
  • Manage voice and data service and capabilities migrations and track savings achievement as well as capacity gains.
  • Define a plan for the ongoing examination and control of telecommunication expenses.

Telecom Auditing

An Edge Telecom Expense Audit:

  1. Can identify this overcharge, neutralize any discrepancies and reduce this overhead expense without any reduction in service.
  2. Enables companies to increase profitability through the reduction of erroneous expenses and improve the return on investment (ROI) in telecommunications systems.
  3. Examines your Customer Service Records and carrier invoices as well as contracts and other documentation to ensure you are paying the correct amounts for services you are using.
  4. Thus, enables the recovery of any improperly billed amounts and it enables cost savings from the elimination of unused or non required services.
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