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What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the term given to a host of products which enable transmission of voice calls over a data network. Terms such as VOIP Service, Business VOIP, and Voice over IP are all terms for a feature-rich transmission of voice calls over a customer's Wide Area Network, or Internet connection.

When a customer utilizes VOIP Service or Business VOIP, they afford themselves a whole host of advanced applications that are simply not available through the Public Switched Telephone Network. Unified Messaging Features such as Find Me Follow Me (allows for calls to be sent to wherever the user is at the time --desk, cell phone, home phone, hotel room); Click to Call (initiates calls directly from your Outlook contacts); remote access to the phone system (your phone works ANYWHERE there is an internet connection), on demand call recording, online call management (see who has been calling you from any internet connection) are only a few of the applications which can be delivered by our carrier partners. Moreover, VOIP systems many times deliver free site-to-site calling and greatly reduced monthly phone service costs.

How can it help my business?

Edge Telecom has experience with VOIP solutions and partnerships with VOIP service providers and we can identify which Voice over IP partner will deliver the best product to meet your needs. VOIP service can bring the single stand alone office a highly cost effective way to combine their internet and telephone line costs, while also delivering advanced Business VOIP Next-generation phone features to their users.

Voice over IP also scales to easily support 2, 20, 200 or 2000 branch locations, delivering each one a seamless integrated voice solution. Moreover, several of our Business VOIP carriers offer month to month agreements which allow customers to quickly turn up, and just as easily turn down their services to meet the then present needs of the business.

How It Works

As a nationwide technology consultant, Edge Telecom provides a no cost – no obligation review of Business VOIP choices which exceeds the requirements of our clients. In order for us to help our clients make the best local phone service, business long distance, IP Phone System decisions possible, we follow a very structured process to ensure success. We begin by understanding your Voice over IP needs and interviewing your staff. Next we review your current local phone service, business long distance, internet invoices and discuss your Business VOIP service drivers. Based on this thorough understanding, Edge Telecom uncovers opportunities for new technology and cost savings with a VOIP Service provider. We next present Voice over IP network alternatives and together make an educated decision on which high speed internet connections or Business VOIP network choice is the best fit.

We work together with the VOIP Service carrier and our on-site staff to install the Business VOIP network service and provide continuous on-going support to our clients.

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