Why Edge Telecom?

Telecom and IT are the top five most expensive items in most company budgets. Despite the growing perception that it has become commoditized and unpopular to deal with, the reality is that telecommunications solutions provides an incredible opportunity to increase productivity with latest technologies if given the proper planning, execution, and monitoring.

Trying to keep on top with the all the technology options in the market can be a risky, costly, complex, time consuming and frustrating. We help organizations save time and money and match your unique requirements with our technology partners. Technology solutions are simply too strategically important and too expensive to be left to telecommunications provider biased representation. We manage all our customer relationships and will work with the client from providing a solution to your needs, negotiate pricing and contract terms and provide on-going account management. We save clients 20-40% with our unique approach and strong vendor partnerships.

Edge Telecom is your single point of contact for all telecom and technology solutions. Edge Telecom has been helping companies make important decisions on how they utilize voice, internet, hardware and IT solutions to strategically grow their business. Our commitment is to be the best telecom partner for all your telecom and IT solutions.

Our commitment to bringing quality telecommunications solutions ensures we are continually exploring the latest technologies for our clients and presenting the best solution possible. As your technology partner, we help you make smarter and faster decisions to stay competitive.

In today's economy, saving money on telecommunication solutions is a must. However a lower cost solution cannot allow you to sacrifice being out of touch with both internal teams and external clients. Our years of experience in actually working for telecom carriers and IT providers bring relevant experience and industry knowledge to prevent costly and avoidable errors. Be confident that with Edge Telecom as your trusted partner on your side, your telecommunications decisions are the right decisions.

The Edge Telecom Advantage

At Edge Telecom we value service, knowledge and relationships. We realize that for us to prosper as a technology partner, we need to be flexible and responsive, listen closely and provide our clients with knowledge so they can solve their problems and reach their goals. We intend to achieve this through a solutions approach that is customer centric in which the customer's business and telecom/IT solutions objectives receive top priority.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Edge Telecom has been a trusted technology partner to all types of organizations ranging from health care, financial, transportation and professional services. Today, we're building on the expertise we've gained over our unique history and experience to deliver superior solutions to our clients.

Client Service Builds Value

As a Technology consultants, we never lose sight of one simple fact--it's about your needs, not ours. We've built our business around clients, not products, and we view every client relationship as a partnership dedicated to building value. When you become an Edge Telecom client, we become a member of your technology team, sharing our expertise and making your priorities our own. As a partner and trusted advisor we have the skills and expertise to bring solid solutions to the table. Building upon vision, integrity and commitment, we will deliver solutions which produce value for your company. Above all, you will find the Edge Telecom team to have a customer-focused mindset believing a satisfied customer is the top-priority for all of our work.

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Customer Service Single point of contact and dedicated account manager for all your services.

Save you Time and Money We have established vendor relationships and save our customers 20% - 40%.

Peace of Mind We work only with trusted service providers that we have long standing relationships with and will provide you expert advice.