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Modernize your communication infrastructure with cost-effective and feature-rich VoIP phone services.

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How It Works

Working With An Edge Telecom Trusted Advisor

We are product agnostic, focusing our efforts and loyalty to finding the best solution for each client. Our services are 100% covered by our partner service providers.

1 - Consultation

Sign up for one of our free technology consultations. One of our consultants will walk you through our process and gather necessary information about your business tech stack.

2 - Audit

We complete a full technology audit, detailing your current technology stack, features, and associated costs. From there, we detail and design your new tech stack.

3 - Implementation

We implement your new and improved tech stack with a focus on feature-rich, secure providers.

EDGE Telecom Advantage

Benefits of Working With EDGE Telecom

Single Point of Contact

Consultative Review of Needs

Advise on Multiple Vendor Solutions

Negotiate Competitive Pricing & Terms on Behalf of Our Clients

Project Management Customer Delivery

Account Management & Customer Service

VoIP Phone Service Features

Keep your business moving forward

Cloud VoIP

Cloud VoIP is not just a regular business phone service; it's a dependable communication platform that operates without the need for on-site equipment. Reliable and high-quality phone service accessible wherever you have internet connectivity.


Calling features are crafted to provide you with a versatile, mobile, and robust cloud phone system. You can select from a range of phone numbers, including local and toll-free options. Install applications on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet to enhance communication. Enjoy features like call forwarding, call flip, device switching, and improved business SMS.

International Service

Comprehensive coverage, offering complete service in more than 45 countries and inbound virtual numbers in over 105 countries worldwide. Say goodbye to the expenses and complications of managing numerous separate phone systems. Instead, enjoy simplified number management and the convenience of international device shipping.

Analytics & Reporting

Utilize advanced call management systems and analytics for IT and business data to access real-time insights. Customize dashboards with KPIs and generate Quality of Service (QoS) reports for system-wide quality assessment and quick troubleshooting.

Secure Connections

We prioritize security at every step, from product design to daily operations. Our commitment to rigorous security practices ensures that we provide customers with a strong security platform. We integrate security principles from the very beginning of the development process to safeguard your data and connections.

VoIP Phone Services Service Plans

Pick your Canadian VoIP Phone Services plan below

Talk and Text

  • ✓ Unlimited Calling
  • ✓ Free N. America Long Distance
  • ✓ Voicemail to email
  • ✓ Soft client app for computer and mobile phone
  • ✓ Texting SMS/MMS
  • ✓ Call Management/ Routing & Auto attendant
  • ✓ Plus dozens of other features

Talk, Text and Zoom

  • ✓ Unlimited HD Video Conferencing
  • ✓ HD Audio Conference
  • ✓ Unlimited Global Long Distance to over 55 Countries
  • ✓ Group Chat
  • ✓ Screen Share
  • ✓ Record Meetings
  • ✓ Contact Center
  • ✓ Analytics

MS TEAMS Integration

  • ✓ Continue to enjoy using the same MS Teams native interface.
  • ✓ Get dozens of additional voice features and powerful messaging tools
  • ✓ Powerful analytics and dashboards
  • ✓ Global Unlimited calling plans
  • ✓ All at a lower cost and enhanced user experience

How can an Edge Telecom Trusted Advisor Help?

An Edge Telecom Trusted Advisor is an extension of your team, helping you navigate the confusion in the market caused by the accelerating pace of change in IT. We are the change agents that understand the technology trends in the industry and help you make sense of what it all means to your business.

Trusted Advisors help you leverage IT and give your company a competitive advantage. We know the strengths of key service providers and can choose the right one for you. We will work side by side with your team to design, procure, implement and support even the most complex IT solutions.

Quite simply an Edge Telecom Trusted advisor is the best friend a CIO will ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Phone Services FAQ

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service is a technology that allows voice communication and multimedia sessions to be transmitted over the internet or other IP networks. Instead of using traditional phone lines, VoIP converts voice signals into digital data packets for transmission, enabling cost-effective and flexible communication.

VoIP phone service works by converting analog voice signals into digital data packets, which can then be transmitted over the internet or IP networks. Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

  • Voice Encoding: When you speak into a VoIP phone or device, your voice is converted into digital audio data.
  • Packetization: The digital voice data is divided into small packets for efficient transmission.
  • Transmission: These data packets are sent over the internet or IP network to their destination.
  • Decoding: At the receiving end, the digital packets are reassembled and converted back into analog audio signals for the recipient to hear.

VoIP phone service may utilize dedicated hardware VoIP phones, software applications, or mobile devices to facilitate these communications.

VoIP phone service is used by a wide range of individuals and organizations:

  • Businesses: Many businesses use VoIP as their primary phone system due to its cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. It’s especially popular among remote and distributed teams.
  • Home Users: Individuals and families often use VoIP services for making long-distance or international calls, as it is generally more affordable than traditional phone services.
  • Call Centers: Call centers often rely on VoIP technology to handle large call volumes efficiently.
  • International Corporations: Multinational companies benefit from VoIP to simplify communication across different offices and countries.
  • Mobile Users: VoIP apps are commonly used on smartphones for making calls and sending messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Overall, VoIP phone service is widely adopted by anyone looking for cost-effective and feature-rich communication solutions, whether for personal or business use.

Edge Telecom delivered what was promised, fast and reliable internet and phone service on budget.  The installation, customer service and training on our new phone system has been exceptional.
Kerry Brock
Guard RFID
Edge Telecom were amazing.  They took their time to really understand our needs and came up with a solution that we are really happy with.
Isaac Hooft
Focus on the family, Canada
We wanted to replace our old analog phone system.  After understanding our requirements, Edge Telecom proposed 8x8.  We were pleased by how easy the system was to set up and use.  Edge Telecom has been very easy to work with and their customer service is excellent.
Kevin Tarasoff
IT Manager
Tourism Vancouver

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