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EDGE TELECOM was established in 2011.  As an industry veteran with over 20 years of technology experience with organizations including Bell Canada and AT&T, we heard the feedback from our customers and recognized a need in the industry.  These traditional phone company customers were frustrated that they had no contact with an account manager, were directed to a call center and telecom services were pushed as a commodity.

Edge Telecom was built on the premise to serve the needs that many small and mid sized businesses were asking for.  A telecom company that could provide custom solutions for their unique business challenges, a dedicated account manager and flexible scalable solutions with competitive rates.  In todays rapidly changing telecom industry, organizations have dozens of options for their internet and phone system provider.  With this comes the increased risk and complexity on what is the best solution to invest in and even more important, who can be our trusted long-term telecom partner.

Edge Telecom’s unique value proposition is we have the experience and expertise to help guide our clients with the best options with fully vetted carriers and service providers.  We built our business and service model with our customers in mind to provide unbiased advice and share our experience we have had with other customers and service providers. We hope to add your organization to our list of valued customers.   We would be happy to have an opportunity to meet and discuss your organizations requirements in person.


Raj Dholliwar – Managing Partner Principle


Team Members

Raj Dholliwar

Founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur and industry leader, Raj is the driving force behind Edge Telecom, a pioneering telecom and technology consulting company that has consistently delivered value to their clients with leading edge Technology Solutions.

With over 25 years of dynamic leadership experience in sales and channel management. Raj is a seasoned professional known for driving revenue growth and expanding market reach. Throughout his career, Raj has held senior leadership positions with Bell Canada, AT&T and a handful of start ups, where he consistently delivered exceptional results. He possesses a proven track record of building high-performance teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, and achieving ambitious business objectives.

With an extensive background in telecommunications & Technology and a passion for solving complex challenges, Raj established Edge Telecom in 2012 with a clear mission: to empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions that optimize technology and exceed their business goals.

Mebs Chhagan

Senior Consultant

Introducing Mebs Chhagan, a seasoned telecom solutions expert with a passion for optimizing technology stacks and driving operational efficiencies. With a keen eye for innovation and a knack for cost reduction, Mebs is dedicated to future-proofing organizations’ telecom infrastructure while delivering tangible savings.


  • Spearheading telecom solution brokerage services, Mebs specializes in assessing and optimizing technology stacks to meet the evolving needs of organizations.
  • With a recent success story, Mebs saved a medical imaging clinic over $19,000 per month by streamlining their telecom infrastructure, showcasing the tangible impact of their expertise.
  • Leveraging industry knowledge and strategic partnerships, Mebs identifies cost-saving opportunities and implements tailored solutions to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Committed to staying ahead of the curve, Mebs ensures that clients’ telecom setups are not only efficient but also future-proofed against technological advancements.

With Mebs at the helm, organizations can trust in a partner who not only understands their telecom needs but also delivers measurable results, empowering them to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Kim Embile

Business Development Representative

Hello there! I’m Kim, your dedicated Business Development Representative. Over the last seven years, I’ve honed my skills as a backend administrative assistant, with a background in lead generating and appointment setting within the dynamic realms of sales and marketing.

Here’s some fun facts about me: I’m a huge fan of creative cooking and getting lost in fiction books! Also, volunteering in both small and large-scale community initiatives is a big passion of mine!

Violet Maglines

Sales Manager

Violet Maglines is a seasoned HR and Operations Manager with 14 years of experience. She excels in talent acquisition, process optimization, and aligning HR strategies with business goals. As a Business Partner at Edge Telecom, she has played a key role in driving organizational success through her strategic insights and collaborative approach. Violet is known for her commitment to fostering positive work environments and building strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

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