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Welcome to Edge Telecom Partner Services

Welcome to Edge Telecom Partner Services

Leading Edge Telecom Solutions

When you partner with Edge Telecom, you will have access to leading edge solutions to help your business grow. In the ever-changing complex world of technology, organizations have dozens of technology partners to choose from. With this comes the increased risk and complexity on what is the best solution to invest in and even more important, who can be their trusted long-term technology partner. This is where Edge Telecom as your partner will help you grow your business and provide your clients with leading edge solutions with vetted suppliers.

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Referral Program

  • ✓ Simply refer a client without getting involved
  • ✓ Your Client will be helped by a Trusted Advisor
  • ✓ Your Client will recieve expert advice with accesss to 100’s of technology suppliers.
  • ✓ Earn a generous commission by simply providing a lead.

Partner Program

  • ✓ Become a partner of EdgeTelecom with access to 100’s of technology suppliers
  • ✓ Full sales support
  • ✓ Earn one time and residual Income
  • ✓ Comprehensive training & Marketing resources

Reseller Program

  • ✓ White label support & bill your clients directly.
  • ✓ Access to Industry leading solutions.
  • ✓ Most competitive wholesale rates in the industry
  • ✓ 7/24 Tier- II Support

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